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Membership on the Anderson Mill Barracudas Team requires that all families, whether on scholarship or non-scholarship, fulfill all volunteer requirements set per family. We have established a minimum volunteer point requirement; however, it is our desire that you would be willing to volunteer above your minimum should the need arise.

There are two components to the 'Cudas Volunteer Requirement:

  1. All accounts must work the minimum volunteer requirement per family.
  2. All accounts must work a volunteer position at the divisional meet above and beyond the minimum volunteer requirement, if necessary.

The 2022 Volunteer Points Requirement is: 29 points

  • All accounts will be required to volunteer for the Divisional meet at the end of the season regardless of your point total. Divisional shifts are shorter than dual meet shifts, usually worth 2-3 points depending on the job position.
  • A family failing to complete the Volunteer Points Requirement may not be permitted to re-register for the Barracudas swim team for the following season without AMST Board approval. Please let us know in advance if you need help earning volunteer points or have extenuating circumstances.
  • If you are going to miss a meet, you may need to work a double shift to ensure you meet your volunteer points requirement.

Scholarship Families must earn a minimum of 33 points/swimmer (40 points maximum/family). Failure to earn the Volunteer Point Requirement may result in being invoiced for the Scholarship award portion of the registration fees. The invoice, if assessed, must be paid promptly upon receipt.

Joining the Anderson Mill Barracudas Swim Team requires a commitment not only from the swimmers but from the parents as well. Please consider this commitment outlined above prior to registering for the Barracudas swim team. The swim season involves all parent volunteers working together for the Barracudas to be a successful and competitive swim team; therefore, we do not offer a volunteer buy-out option. Each home meet requires approximately 200 volunteers to ensure that the meet runs smoothly. Over the years, we have had to make some changes to our volunteer policy so that our team functions efficiently during meets. Volunteer point minimums will fluctuate from season to season depending on the number of meets in our current schedule.

  • Please note that all parents must agree to the volunteer components listed above in order for their child/ren to swim for the Barracudas. Volunteer requirements are customary across all swim teams in the Northwest Swim Circuit. Some teams in the Northwest Swim circuit require families to volunteer at every meet. Our team gives you the flexibility in fulfilling your volunteer requirements according to your schedule as long as your volunteer components are met. It is our desire that you will enjoy volunteering and contributing to the team's success.

Volunteers may sign up for their volunteer positions via the website.  If you want to sign-up for a job at the next meet, you can click on the green button in the Next Meet section on the home page.If you want to look at other future meets, click on the swim meets tab.  On the Swim Meets tab, select the meet you wish to volunteer at and click on the green button.   

There are volunteer job positions on meet days and during the week. For dual meets there are two shifts per meet.

Dual Meet Shifts:

1st shift: Events 1-44 (check in time range from 6am to 6:30am depending on job position)

2nd shift: Events 45-87 (check in time is at event 43)

All volunteers are required to sign-in at the Volunteer Check-In table 15 minutes prior to the start of their volunteer shift to receive their lanyard with job position details. Volunteers must check out upon conclusion of their shift and turn in their lanyards in order to receive their volunteer credit. Please remember to check out so that you are credited your volunteer points.

Loss of points: Any volunteer position signed-up for and missed, without advance notification, will result in the deduction of 2 points per missed volunteer shift from your total Volunteer Point balance. All volunteer positions may be edited on the website up until 5 days prior to the meet should your schedule change. Please be responsible for your shifts.

Please note: Volunteer start and ending shift times are approximate on the website. Please be sure to read the Meet Director's email prior to each meet for any time changes. All 1st shift volunteers should remain at their positions (Events 1-44) until 2nd shift volunteers report to their positions after the coaches' relays. All 2nd shift volunteers will report to the check-in table following the Meet Announcer's directions usually around event 45, just prior to the coaches' relays. 2nd shift is events 45-87.

Earned volunteer points CANNOT be transferred, donated, or otherwise given to another account unless approved by Volunteer Coordinator in advance.

If you have questions about any of the volunteer positions or the volunteer requirements, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

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