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We do not require swimmers to sign-up for any particular practice time. You may attend any time that fits into your schedule. Swimmers may attend as many or as few practices as they would like. However, your swimmer will only improve by attending practice consistently. Please note that earlier practices are less crowded. If you can attend those practices, it is recommended that you do so. Practices that are labeled Intermediate/Advanced are longer, more strenuous practices. We do separate our swimmers by ability into different lanes so there is no fear that your swimmer will be run over by a more advanced swimmer.

Swimmer Check-in: When you arrive at practice, all swimmers need to sign in prior to entering the pool area. The sign-in sheet will be in the office window. If your swimmer’s name is not found on the check in sheet, please add it to the bottom of the list and a board member will contact you. You’re swimmer must be registered with the team to participate in the practice.

Swim Gear: Don’t forget your goggles and swim caps. Always bring a back-up pair of goggles as goggles do break from time to time.

Arrival: When swimmers arrive, they should wait back away from the pool for the coaches to call the start of the designated practice before approaching the pool. Coaches will do their best to get your swimmer in the appropriate lane; however, they may be moved accordingly throughout the practice.

Parking: Please remember to respect our neighbors. There is no parking in front of driveways or mailboxes in the neighborhood. Also, please do not park on the Schoolhouse Lane Bridge. Your cars may be towed.

Note to Parents: Parents are welcome to stay and observe practices; however, we ask that you not interfere with the coaching. Just find a seat, hopefully somewhere in the shade, and watch your swimmer's practice. Parents should not walk alongside the pool while their swimmer is swimming or coach them from the sidelines. If you have a concern, please talk with a coach only before or after practice. Please do not interrupt a coach during practice so that they may focus on your swimmers. Feel free to speak with a Board member during practice if you would like.

Lightning Safety at the Anderson Mill Pools: The AMLD Pools and AMST follow national guidelines regarding lightning and pool safety. The policy is as follows: If any Coach or Lifeguard hears thunder OR lightning is detected within 15 miles of the pool, all swimmers must exit the pool and seek shelter. The pool will be closed until 30 minutes after the storm has passed. Shelter, in the case of the Anderson Mill Pool, is a vehicle (other than soft top convertible) or the small locker room beside the office. The breezeway, restrooms, and pavilions are NOT considered shelter. Again, although you may feel safe from the rain, the breezeway, restrooms, and pavilions are NOT considered shelter from lightning!! If you choose to stay at the pool during the storm you may be asked to leave these areas.

Parents: If you normally drop off your swimmer/s for practice, it is advised that you stay at the pool when thunderstorms are expected.

Please follow all Lifeguard and Coaches instructions in the event of a thunderstorm! We will send out emails and text alerts notifying you of any practices that may be canceled due to weather as soon as the call is made.

Feel free to approach/email any Board member with your questions/concerns. We are here to help you!

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