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Job Descriptions

Below are brief job descriptions to assist you when signing up for volunteer jobs:

Age-Group Tent Parent: Sits in the age group tents the entire meet; escorts swimmers to the ready bench for their events; monitors behavior of swimmers in the tent; must arrive by 6am on meet days; checks in swimmers/checks out swimmers at the end of the meet; cleans up tent area at the end of the meet; must work as tent parent for a minimum of 2 meets.

Announcer: announces the upcoming events; news; and general information about the meet. Must speak clear english and confident with using a microphone.
Announcer Assistant: assists the announcer with the playing of music and intercepting announcements during the meet
Breezeway Monitor: monitors the restroom area; reminds swimmers not to loiter in this area; no playing in the water fountain or filling up swim caps with water; advises lifeguards of issues in the restroom (clogged toilets, more toilet paper, etc...)
Computer Asst.: Must work ALL home meets: assists the computer representatives with computer data; monitors electronic timing system on the computer screen; watches for errors with timers, etc... This volunteer must work all home meets for consistency.
Concessions Assistant: works in the concessions area serving and prepping food, 1st shift volunteers must arrive at 6am.
Concessions/Errand Runner : works in the concessions area when not running errands for the concessions manager; may need to leave the meet to pick up food or other supplies; reserved front row parking spot for the duration of the meet.
Concessions: Grill Operator: Operates the gas grill; cooks food as designated by concessions manager (usually hamburger, hotdogs, etc...)
False Start Rope/Event Board Operator: operates the event board per event and heat; drops false start rope when a false start occurs
Floater/Volunteer Check-in: Works in the volunteer station checking in volunteers; monitors filled/unfilled jobs; checks out volunteers at the end of a shift; 1st shift volunteers must arrive at 5:45am.
Hospitality: Drink servers: 1st shift mixes and prepares lemonade and water coolers; serves all volunteers drinks throughout their shift; 2nd shift is responsible for cleaning and rinsing all coolers and storing them away as well as serving drinks throughout the meet.
Judge (Exchange): MUST ATTEND TRAINING: Judges relays only; there are morning and afternoon shifts; must attend training in order to work this position; judges the exchanges of relay teams (ie..early take offs)
Judge (Stroke): MUST ATTEND TRAINING: judges the strokes of the swimmers and records any infractions; works with another judge from the opposing team; both must see and agree on the infraction; requires standing the entire shift; must judge one shift a minimum of 3 meets
Meet Set Up: (FRIDAY) EVENING 6:30pm: assists with set up and/or loading of trailer (away meets only); must be able to carry heavy tents and other equipment.
Meet Set Up: Tent Coordinator (must arrive at 5:30am): coordinates the layout of tents and assists with setting up the tents; directs tent-set up volunteers to desired locations; must arrive at 5:30am and be able to work at minimum of 3 meets
Meet: Setup SATURDAY MORNING: sets up all meet equipment including tents, computer equipment, etc..; must arrive at 5:30am unless otherwise notified
Meet: Tear-down: takes down on meet equipment including tents, computer equipment, etc...and stores in our team closet; for away meets you must follow the trailer back to the pool to unload equipment
Parking Attendants (EARLY ARRIVAL): directs traffic to designated parking areas during HOME meets; sets our parking cones and monitors parking so that no one parks in front of a mailbox or on the bridge; must arrive at 5:30am
Parking Coordinator (email Terri): Willing to coordinate all 3 home meets; early arrival at 5:30am; manages all parking volunteers and picks up cones at the end of the meet
Photographer: takes photos during the meet; preferably owns a nice camera for taking shots of swimmers in and out of the water; will load all pictures onto a flash drive or cd.
Ready Bench - Assistants: organizes swimmers into their designated heats and lanes in the ready bench area; this is a fast-paced job; training is provided; responsible for keeping the swimmers moving up to the next row quickly and efficiently
Ready Bench - Head: manages the flow of the ready bench; call out for swimmers to move up a row; assists with the management of relay swimmers that move to the opposite end of the pool; must have a voice that can project as the ready bench can get a bit noisy
Relay Assistant: AM morning: escorts am relay teams from the ready bench to other end of the pool and makes sure they get in the correct lanes; training provided
Relay Assistant: PM afternoon relays: escorts pm relay teams from the ready bench to the other end of the pool and makes sure they get in the correct lanes; training provided
Relay Manager(works both AM & PM Relays): oversees the management of both am and pm relays; manages the relay card system in the ready bench and/or at the opposite end of the pool; training required
Results Proofer: works in the computer tent area; proofs scores and labels
Ribbon Labeling/Filing: works in the computer tent area; applies labels to corresponding ribbons and files the ribbons into our team's file boxes
Ribbons: Heat Winner: awards the winner of each race with a heat ribbon; for combined heats of boys and girls you will award a ribbon to the girl winner and the boy winner; also relay winners will get 4 ribbons to distribute to their teammates
Runner: picks up DQ slips from the judges on either side of the pool; takes all DQ slips and timers sheets to the computer tent; requires walking back and forth from pool to computer tent; comfortable shoes recommended
Scorer: works in the computer tent area; reviews scores
Starter : MUST ATTEND TRAINING: calls swimmers to the starting blocks and starts each race; high pressure and fast-paced; must speak clear english; training required
Swimmer Check-In Assistant: checks in swimmers at the beginning of the meet for the morning relays; must arrive by 5:45am unless otherwise notified
Team Store - Clerk: works in the team store selling team gear; 1st shift must arrive by 6am to assist with set up; 2nd shift will be responsible for cleaning up
Timer - Head/backup: runs 2 back up stopwatches in case someone has an issue with their manual stopwatches; timer raises their hand and you swap out watches with them; must be attentive to the starter at all times
Timer - Lane: operates electronic timers or stopwatches during your shift; training provided the morning of the meet; no prior experience necessary
Trash Haul Off: must have truck or trailer to haul off all swim meet trash to the Westwood High school utility yard (approx. 5 minutes away); free car wash
Trash Monitor: empties all trash cans as needed on the pool property; replace with new bags
Volunteer Station: checks in volunteers and checks out volunteers during the meet; 1st shift requires early arrival at 5:45am; must remain in the volunteer station during your shift (may slip out to see your swimmer swim as needed)
Volunteer Waitlist: volunteers who want to work a particular meet but jobs are currently filled; will be contacted when opening arise
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