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Swim Requirements:

  • In order to swim in the Divisional Meet at the end of the season, a swimmer must have participated in two dual meets.  The swimmer must also have a legal time in any event they swim in.  This means they must have competed in this event in a prior meet and have not been disqualified (they will show an actual time as a seed time, not a NT).  These are Northwest Swim Circuit requirements.
  • In order to receive the Cuda Discount next year, a swimmer must participate in 3 dual meets and the Divisional meet, along with the family meeting the volunteer requirement.

    **A dual meet is a meet when we swim against another team.

Practice Expectations:

  • Practices in May are usually a bit hectic and crowded.  The earlier practices aren’t usually as crowded.  If your swimmer is a beginner and attends the later practice, they may practice in the deep end.
  • Beginning in June, there will be morning and evening practices.  Morning practices are at El Salido and the evening practices are at Anderson Mill pool. Feel free to attend a morning and an evening practice.  You may attend as few or as many practices as you like.  We find flexibility in the practice schedule works best for our families.
  • Starts and Turns practice is on Friday night before a meet at 7pm and 7:30pm

How to Prepare for Meets:

  • The deadline to sign up for meets is the Sunday before the meet.  You will receive an email from the computer reps, reminding you to sign up your swimmer.  There will be an email on Sunday night with a first pass of the meet entries for your review.  Look at it carefully.  Make sure your swimmer is in the events they want.  Follow any instructions you are given on making corrections. It is so important that you read emails being sent to you through the website.  I know sometimes it feels like we are sending a lot, but emails are the only way we can guarantee communication with our families.  These emails may contain deadlines and event changes.  
  • The night before, make sure your swimmer gets a good night’s rest, pack your cooler, swim bags and car.
  • Check-in is usually around 6 a.m.  Look for email(s) from the meet director on the Thursday or Friday before with details on the meet (check-in time, parking, and special instructions).  Look for an email from the computer reps. on Friday before the meet with the heat sheet attached.  Print out a copy of the heat sheet…they will not be sold at the meet and there are not extras.
  • If you have already signed up for the meet and your swimmer wakes up at 3 a.m. throwing up and you aren’t going to make it to the meet, you must report an absence on the website ASAP.

What to Bring to a Meet:

  • Chairs for your swimmer(s) and yourself.
  • Something for your swimmer to do in their tent while waiting for their swim events.
  • A cooler full of whatever food and drinks you want for the day.  Concessions are available with breakfast and lunch options.
  • Bring a Sharpie for marking event, heat and lane on your swimmer.  Tent Parents will usually take care of this.
  • Don’t forget goggles, towels and swim caps.  If you do, team store sells it all.

During a Meet:

  • You will arrive at the pool around 6 a.m. or whatever time check-in is designated for that meet.  Your swimmer will check-in at the designated swimmer check-in station.  Then, you will check your swimmer in with the tent parent and leave them there with their chair, swim bag (don’t forget goggles, a swim cap and a towel), maybe a small cooler and something to do.
  • Please do not set up shop under the tent with your swimmer.  There is limited space and a lot of kids in those tents.  The kids have first priority for the tent space.  It is very important that we keep them in the shade all day.
  • The team parent and the assistant(s) will make sure your swimmer gets lined up and to the ready bench for their event.  With that being said, your swimmer(s) need to stay close to their tent and let their tent parent know if they are going to leave.
  • You should go find a shady spot to set up or go to the volunteer desk and check in to start your volunteer shift.
  • When your swimmer is swimming, you will go to the pool, watch your swimmer and then go back and sit down or resume your volunteer duties.
  • After the meet is over, please make sure your swimmer has collected all their belongings.
  • Results are posted at the pools and emailed to the team that evening.

Time Trials: Will occur on May 14th at 8am. This is a mock meet that only our team participates in.  Each swimmer will only swim the four basic strokes (no relays or specialty strokes) to get seed times for the first couple of meets.  These seed times tell us where to place your swimmer when we are putting together the heats for a swim meet.  We try to have swimmers swim against other swimmers with similar times where possible.

Team Suits:Team suits are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Cost is estimated to be $33 for boys jammer and $43 for female suit.  We will have the team suits for sale from the vendor at our kick-off party and a later date.  There will be more information at a later time on this. Here is the link to this years (2022 team suit)

Starts and Turns: Are held on Friday evenings prior to a swim meet at the Anderson Mill Pool.  Swimmers only practice starts and turn for 30 minutes.  Practice times are 6:15pm and 6:45pm on Friday night before a Saturday morning meet.

Family folders:Located in the breezeway at Anderson Mill Pool.  Check regularly for ribbons, event flyers and correspondence.

Team T-shirts: Will be handed out to swimmers and available for purchase in the Team Store. Time and location TBD.

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